“Janani Dhinakaran is dedicated and truly passionate about supporting people to bring about changes in their lives to achieve their goals. She meets you where you are and works with you with a clear approach shaped by experience and intuitive understanding. Janani conducts sessions in a way that is compassionate, uplifting and empowering. In the few sessions I have had with her, I have made more progress than I ever have with the numerous highly qualified medical professionals I have consulted over the years. After every session with Janani, I came out with valuable insight coupled with individualised suggestions and practices which have been actively selected with intelligent understanding of my problems. Some of the practices she recommended that I found to be helpful are breathing techniques and specific journaling exercises.

I am not one to recommend someone unless they truly impacted me in some way. Janani is one such person who I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend as a mind-body health coach as I have full faith and trust in her abilities to help others as she has for me.”

-FBS (Bangalore)


“Thank you, Janani! The breathing exercises you taught me really helped me stay calm during my maths exam. I didn’t go blank as I always do. I did really well actually!”
-A.N.S. (Bangalore)


“Janani helped me out through a very rough patch in my life. She was a good and insightful listener, and something of a stable point of reference at times when I was feeling overwhelmed. She provided me with a safe space for opening up, she helped me analyse my problems in a calm, rational manner, but without ignoring, dismissing or judging my feelings… She was also quite patient with my negativity and scepticism, and helped me realize that my life needed changes – including reaching out for help, and accepting it..”
-D.P. (Edinburgh)


“Janani is a natural teacher with an acute ability to distill and educate in a comprehensive clear manner. I have experienced an open, natural and willing participation amongst Brain Clubbers as an outgrowth of her warm, authentic curiosity and relatable presence. Her love of teaching is so apparent. She brings forth a beautiful balance- blending her keen academic brilliance, light sense of humor and social ease.”
-L. Urborg (Silicon Valley)
Intuitive Healing Practitioner
Certified Health Coach


“I have been fortunate to attend and participate in a variety of classes taught by Janani Dhinakaran for over the past year and a half. She is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable teacher and instructor who has taught me so many things.
I am always impressed by how organized and informative her material is. She is always well prepared with current, useful information about the topic. She presents in a style that is interesting, engaging, holistic, fun, and easy to understand. Her teaching shows passion, enthusiasm, flexibility, and humor. She keeps our interest with active participation which encourages questions and discussion. I have experienced her to be an excellent listener who gives honest, respectful feedback. She is reliable to follow up on questions and feedback.
I have attended classes from Janani in Brain Health, Qigong, and Stress Management. In all classes she encourages a healthy lifestyle with active learning examples. Attending her classes has definitely enriched my life. In addition, I have read her book, Living Fearlessly, which I found to be very valuable with many examples about building inner strength and overcoming fear. I have used these suggestions in my own life and have found them very helpful.
I feel fortunate and grateful that Janani shares her guidance and knowledge with us. Her classes continue to exceed my expectations.”
-Carol Mathews (Silicon Valley)


“You are an excellent teacher and communicator. You know your material very well, and always tried various ways to make your lectures the most stimulating and interesting, so that your students would learn as much as possible. You always have time and much patience to listen to those who need help so that they can reach their full potentials. You are an asset to any classroom.”
-Nancy (Silicon Valley)


“I met Janani in July 2018 when she presented information about eye health at the Brain Fitness class at the local YMCA. I was impressed with her thoroughness and knowledge then, and she has continued to earn my admiration and respect. She has shown depth of knowledge in several modalities including eye health, stress reduction, mind-body health coaching, meditation, breathing techniques, visualization, self hypnosis, nutrition, Qigong, expression arts therapy and medical research. I have been a participant in many of her classes and have also seen her interact with other professional leaders. She is compassionate and humble.
Other participants in the classes she leads are also inspired by her professionalism and extent of her skills. As a leader, she is organized, friendly and engages the class participants. She thoughtfully listens and answers our questions and says when she doesn’t know all of the details/nuances. She gives us thorough and honest information even when covering sensitive subjects, especially when there is conflicting data from various sources. She applies her expertise and passion to integrate the best of Eastern and Western medicine. She is very perceptive and thoughtfully gives advice to help others live a more balanced and healthy life.
Students/participants in her classes can experience clear and concise presentations that she has prepared by consolidating information from many sources,..
When I am around her, I want to be a better person. Myself and many other participants are truly grateful to have her as an instructor. She has inspired me to try new things and to re-engage in past healthy activities.”
-Linda Atwood (Silicon Valley)
An avid life learner


“Janani is a wonderful and delightful teacher! She is extremely knowledgable and competent and, at the same time, is very caring with the students and encourages interaction.”
-Tom Anderson (Silicon Valley)
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