The Sarcoid Uveitis Program

Dr. Janani Dhinakaran!

I help people with Sarcoid Uveitis reduce their inflammation naturally so they can see better, lose weight, reduce their dependence on dangerous medication and lead a better quality of life.


My story

I was diagnosed with Sarcoid Uveitis around a year after my symptoms started and tried managing the condition with steroid medications but the side effects of the medication gave me cataracts, unbelievable weight gain, terrible temper and depression, and increased my eye pressure.

I started to lose vision and the doctors told me I need to get on an immunosuppressive drug which might give me cancer or deadly infections in order to save my eyes. The head of the Sarcoidosis Foundation told me they have no answers as to why it happens and they only have research to explore which drugs work best. She told me to do whatever works for me from other modalities because they don’t have answers. That was when I realised I had to be my own doctor.

Being a health coach, I was able to research various reliable sources and experiment on myself. I found a combination of diet changes, fasting, meditative movement and social connection start to heal my eyes, my whole body and make me stronger than I’ve felt before.

I was able to get my inflammation under control enough to qualify for the cataract surgeries. I had dreamt for so long to be able to see the faces of those I love and read books again and see the stars clearly. Now I do all those things. I am enjoying great vision. After the surgeries I started to taper off my medications and have lost all gained weight, feel more grounded and in control of my health and life.

If you are someone whose life has been put on hold by this condition and want to heal yourself naturally, creating habits that support your long term health and vibrancy, I have the program and the personal mission to help. I’d love to hear from you.