Mind Body Connection: Considering the Evidence

The following video contains a wealth of information on mindbody health with an emphasis on cardiovascular health (the speaker, Dr James Kneller, is a cardiologist).

He explains the electromagnetic impact of the heart on oneself and others and the broken heart syndrome caused by extreme stress. He discusses the placebo effect, the power of Pavlovian conditioning, the impact of optimism on heart health and the negative effect of depression and bi-polar disorder on heart health. He also presents evidence on the effect of ‘awe’ on reducing systemic inflammation, the power of charitable giving on health indices, the positive impact of gratitude and the negative impact of job loss on mental health, and divorce on heart health. He also talks about the importance of harnessing intuition in predisposing one to living a successful life. He also explains how feeling young can help us live longer and the habits of centenarians such as being easy going, outgoing, optimistic and laughing a lot and the importance of each of these in living better for longer.

He also discusses the implications of the presented evidence.

1) The conguency one feels with oneself is vital to good health.

2) Your inner experience shaper your outer world and those around you.

3) Love, gratitude, inpiration, compassion, awe, forgiveness, are all important in maintaining positive health by harnessing the mindbody connection.

The evidence he presents is fascinating and thought provoking. Please watch to learn more.