Who I Am


Janani Dhinakaran is a Mind-Body Coach based in Cupertino, California. She is also the author of Living Fearlessly: Building inner strength through self-reflection.


While working on my PhD in Neuropsychology, I was intrigued by the scientific literature about the far reaching benefits of meditation; on cognitive tasks as well as on physical and mental health. I have since followed the literature which demonstrates the power of mental techniques on health and found a treasure there which has not been touched by the conservative mainstream medical system. I am eager to use my academic background to fill this gap for those with health concerns seeking to understand their problems better and willing to explore techniques which have shown promise during experimentation.

Apart from my scientific background, I have training in and exposure to various methods of healing. Though I have most experience in Yoga and Meditation techniques, I have also developed understanding and experience in lifestyle changes, hypnotherapy, writing, music and art therapy, compassionate listening, and Reiki.

The combination of my academic training and experience in alternative medicine allows me to be creative in addressing my client’s problems by using the most current and effective methods available.