About Me


Dr. Janani Dhinakaran is a Wellness Speaker and Health Coach. She is the Program Director at Whole Brain Health Initiative and the author of Living Fearlessly: Building inner strength through self-reflection.


Janani Dhinakaran (Ph.D. in Neuropsychology) founded Rise in 2016 and practices as a Health Coach and Wellness Speaker. She is also a Program Director, Health Coach and Facilitator at Whole Brain Health Initiative.

Dr. Dhinakaran works in preventive health by teaching Brain Fitness, StressLess, and Qigong. She is also trained in YMCA’s CDC approved Diabetes Prevention Program.

She has seen first hand how powerful lifestyle changes can be at improving health. She enjoys conducting workshops, giving classes and talks on health as she believes that spreading health education empowers people to behave more proactively to prevent the suffering of illness.

Her academic background and training in various health modalities enriches her work in health. She offers:

  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Mind Body Practices: Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing exercises
  • Lifestyle habits: Sleep, Physical activity, Cognitive challenge
  • Mental techniques: Self hypnosis, Visualisations
  • Expression arts therapy: Writing, Art, Drama, Music
  • Support and accountability to reinforce positive health habits.
  • Resources and information which empower your health journey.