Lifestyle Medicine for ​Chronic Illnesses

Do you have a Chronic Illness?

Learn how to be proactive about your health.

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Rise Wellness

Empowering Your ​Health Journey

Dr Janani Dhinakaran works one-on-one on people ​with Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmunity using ​Lifestyle Medicine.

She is a Wellness Speaker who engages the public in ​conversations about Preventive Health and Lifestyle ​Medicine.

She is also the author of Tame Your Inflammation and ​Living Fearlessly.



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Recent Events

Brain Chats - a monthly chat on Brain Health

Talk on Menopause at Rangadore Hospital

Talk at The Valley School

Panelist in ThinkFit’s workshop on Stress



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Rise Wellness

Rise like the Sun

From the cold night

Rise up and float

To weightless height

Rise from sickness

Into Life

Rise out of the shadows

And into the light

Rise, spread your wings

And take flight

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